Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (2024)

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This post has my favorite Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Recipes from Kalyn’s Kitchen and more about why I love this spicy sauce that has zero carbs! And lots of other low-carb cooks also have creative ways of using this sauce, so this post has links for 20 recipes with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce!

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Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (3)

I love hot sauce to add that extra spicy something to recipes, but for a long time I never paid much attention to Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. Then a few years ago I picked up a bottle in the grocery store and realized that Frank’s Red Hot Sauce has zero carbs!

That discovery really kicked my creative cooking brain into overdrive, and since then I’ve had fun thinking up quite a few tasty Recipes with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. And some of those recipes using this spicy hot sauce have become favorites that I make over and over.

And now I’m an enthusiastic fan of this product, and Frank’s is always in my fridge, so I’m adding this tasty zero-carb hot sauce to my list of Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks. And this post shares my favorite recipes using this tasty hot sauce and more recipes from my food blogging friends.

If you’re a fellow Buffalo Sauce fan I hope you enjoy trying some of these low-carb and Keto recipes with Red Hot Sauce! Just click the recipe title to see the complete recipe using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on Kalyn’s Kitchen, or the other blog that posted the recipe.

My Recipes with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce:

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (4)

These amazingly easy Air Fryer Buffalo Wings are the newest recipe on my site using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, and we actually used Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce (affiliate link) for this one, but any Frank’s Red Hot Sauce product will work!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (5)

Buffalo Chicken Blue Cheese Cabbage Bowl combines spicy Buffalo chicken with blue cheese Coleslaw, and the chicken can be made in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (6)

Baked Buffalo Chicken with Melted Blue Cheese turns the idea behind buffalo wings into a low-carb main dish.

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (7)

Buffalo Chicken Tacosuse my favorite low-carb tortillasbut you could make lettuce wrap tacos for Keto, and this is another one that can be made in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (8)

Buffalo Chicken Cauliflower Rice Bowl can be made in the slow cooker or the Instant Pot, and this dish combines low-carb buffalo chicken with cauliflower rice and a touch of blue cheese.

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (9)

I was thinking out side the box a little bit for this Buffalo Salmon with Blue Cheese Slaw, but we loved this interesting combination of flavors.

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (10)

The buffalo sauce flavor is great on ground turkey or ground chicken in these Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps, and this would be tasty with ground beef too if you’re not a fan of ground turkey or chicken.

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (11)

And there must be a lot of Buffalo Chicken Soup fans because this Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken Soup has been a big hit on the site!

Other Bloggers’ Recipes with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce:

Are you a Frank’s Red Hot Sauce Fan?

If you have your own favorite ways of using Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, please share your ideas in the comments!

About Products Featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks:

I purchased the Frank’s Red Hot Sauce used in all these recipes myself and Frank’s has no idea whatsoever that I’m writing about their product. All items featured as Kalyn’s Kitchen Picks are things I happily buy over and over, and so readers will know that my opinions are completely unbiased, I don’t accept review products from the many companies who offer to send them to me. You can see the complete list of products I’ve chosen to feature atKalyn’s Kitchen Picks.

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (12)

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originally published on Aug 5, 2019 (last updated Apr 2, 2024) by Kalyn Denny

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  1. MikeReply

    Frank’s hot sauce is the best for me! I’ll absolutely try these recipes someday. Thanks for posting!

  2. BarrieReply

    My new Franks recipe. I pour red wine vinegar and then sprinkle Franks hot sauce on top of the vinegar on top of my salad. 0 calories

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      I like that idea! Why have I never thought of using this in a salad dressing?

  3. DeeReply

    Have you tried their Hotter than Hot sauce? Absolutely love it!

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      I’ve never seen that one but will definitely look for it, thanks!

  4. Maxine Terry SalpeterReply

    Another great thing about Frank’s – most of the products are relatively low in sodium.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      Good to know!

  5. Kalyn DennyReply

    Thanks; glad you like the ideas!

  6. VickyReply

    Red's is one of my favorites! I love mixing it up with melted butter and tossing my chicken wings in it!

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      I really need to try that!

  7. MsRie142Reply

    I use it on my scrambled eggs and on anything i use with nacho chips. Also dash it into my soups.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      Thanks for sharing the ideas! I haven't tried it on eggs, yum. And love the idea of adding some to soup too.

  8. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)Reply

    Frank's is certainly the "official" hot sauce of all things Buffalo! I love it on Buffalo wings.

    • Kalyn DennyReply

      Lydia I need to try making buffalo wings!

Frank's Red Hot Sauce Recipes (2024)
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