Best Rocket League Camera Settings For Pc (2024)

1. Camera Settings that Pro Rocket League Players are Using

  • 2 nov 2023 · Camera Settings ; Camera Shake: Turn it off to eliminate distracting screen wobbles. ; Field of View (FOV): Set it to 110 to see more of the field ...

  • the best Rocket League settings in 2024 for pros and newbies! Improve your gameplay and climb the ranks with our tips.

2. Best Rocket League camera settings for PC and Console (2023)

  • 13 okt 2023 · Best camera settings in Rocket League · Field of View: 110 · Distance: 270 · Height: 100 · Angle: -4.00 · Stiffness: 0.45 · Swivel Speed: 5.20 ...

  • Become the video assistant referee of yourself.

3. List of player camera settings - Liquipedia Rocket League Wiki

  • Control Settings · Others · 1zen · April

  • This page collectively displays all sets of camera settings included on player pages. The page is split into "notable" players and others. A notable player has earned more than $2,000 in their career.

4. Best Camera Settings in Rocket League - Guide by Rivalry (PT)

5. Best Rocket League controller and camera settings - Dot Esports

  • 3 jan 2024 · Best controller settings in Rocket League · Steering Sensitivity: 1.00-1.50 · Aerial Sensitivity: 1.00-1.50 · Controller Deadzone: .10-.20 · Dodge ...

  • Equip yourself with the best settings.

6. Best Rocket League camera settings - Destructoid

  • 11 apr 2024 · Best Rocket League camera settings. This will help you do all the cool stuff pros do. Image of Elliott Gatica. Elliott Gatica.

  • This will help you do all the cool stuff pros do.

7. Rocket League Pro Camera Settings, Controller, and FPS Guide

  • 1 nov 2017 · The game does not look good without it. Only go with quality if you have a low end PC. Texture Detail. This setting does not drag your frames ...

  • We go through Rocket League Pro Camera Settings Guide. Controller configurations and FPS optimization is also covered. Get free coaching at RLCD.GG!

8. Best Rocket League settings: video -

  • 10 apr 2024 · They alone can dramatically affect your playing experience. These three categories are camera, controls, and video settings. Continue reading ...

  • Information is key during game time. Get better visibility and one step closer to victory with the best Rocket League video settings.

9. Rocket League Best Settings 2023: Cameras, Controllers, Videos ...

  • 21 feb 2023 · What are best settings for Rocket League 2023? Here are Rocket League pro settings for 2023, camera, control, gameplays, training and videos ...

  • What are best settings for Rocket League 2023? Here are Rocket League pro settings for 2023, camera, control, gameplays, training and videos settings.

10. Best Rocket League camera settings for PC and console - Gfinity Esports

  • 17 okt 2022 · Best Rocket League camera settings · Field of View: 110 · Camera Distance: 268 · Camera Height: 105 · Camera Angle: -3.6 · Camera Stiffness: ...

  • Here are the best Rocket League camera settings that you should use on PC and consoles.

11. Rocket League: Best Camera Settings -

  • 12 mei 2021 · Rocket League best camera settings - All you need to know > We go in detail on how to get the best camera settings to help you win games.

  • Rocket League best camera settings - All you need to know > We go in detail on how to get the best camera settings to help you win games.

12. Rocket League Pro Players Settings - Best Settings Possible!

  • Competitive Rocket League players tweak their camera settings like there was no tomorrow. Whether it be adjusting your swivel speed to having to change your ...

  • What Settings do Rocket League Pro Players Use? Learn how to improve your game using the best rocket league pro settings!

13. Rocket League Camera Settings - Green Man Gaming

  • 19 feb 2021 · Switch it off. FOV. When picking your own Rocket League best camera settings, the field of view (FOV) is going to be something a ...

  • Picking the Rocket League camera settings that feel best for you is a somewhat subjective thing. Obviously people prefer different settings, FOV’s, distance to car, etc… However, when the majority of players use certain settings, it’s worth taking a closer look at how exactly they set their game up. One place to look at is what Rocket League Pro camera settings are being used. Pro players will have tinkered and tweaked to the nth degree to get everything just right. Let’s take a look at what most pro and casual players pick to help provide a bit of guidance.

Best Rocket League Camera Settings For Pc (2024)


What is the best camera setting for Rocket League? ›

Best Rocket League Camera Settings
  • Camera Shake: Off.
  • Field of View: 110.
  • Distance: 260 to 280.
  • Height: 100.
  • Angle: -3 to -5.
  • Stiffness: 0.5 (mostly preference)
  • Swivel Speed: 10 (preference)
  • Transition Speed: 1.0 (preference)
Feb 13, 2024

What is the best camera stiffness in Rocket League? ›

In Rocket League, the best Camera Settings for Stiffness can vary wildly. Some pros go as low as 0.30 while others go as high as 1.00. The optimal value seems to be 0.45. Camera stiffness gives you the ability to tell your camera to follow your car more tightly or more loosely while you're speeding up.

What sensitivity do RL pros use? ›

Controller Sensitivities

It is recommended that you set both of these settings between 1.20-2.00 as this is what the majority of pro players use.

What video settings do RL pros use? ›

Field of View (FOV): Set it to 110 to see more of the field. Distance: Optimal values typically range from 260 to 280; 270 is a safe choice. Height: Aim for a value between 90 and 110; 100 is a balanced option. Angle: Personal preference plays a role here, but -4 is a common choice among pros.

What is Musty's real name? ›

musty's real name is Wyatt.

Is musty still NRG sub? ›

2022. September 27th - musty leaves his position as substitute. October 16th - Sizz is removed from his coaching position whilst still under NRG.

What are lethamyrs camera settings? ›

Camera settings (list of)
Camera shakeFOVAngle

How do I make Rocket League look smoother? ›

If you continue to have frame rate drops you may need to lower the graphic settings of the game in order to have a smooth playing experience.
  1. Click settings while in the lobby. This will allow you to access the game settings.
  2. Click the Video tab. ...
  3. Go to the basic settings section. ...
  4. Go to the Advanced settings section.

How to get 144 fps in Rocket League? ›

Select Settings from the Main Menu. Select the Video tab. Select the Frames Per Second drop-down. Choose the option that matches your monitor's refresh rate.

What are the best camera settings on Rocket League? ›

Almost all professional Rocket League players set their Camera Height to between 90 and 110, with most opting for 100 as that gives a good middle ground. However you may want to experiment with a higher setting if you are a very grounded player, or a lower setting if you are a wannabe freestyler.

What are the best controls for RL? ›

Now let's get into the controller bindings themselves.
  • 1 Powerslide - Left Bumper. ...
  • 2 Air Roll Left/Right - Left Bumper. ...
  • 3 Scoreboard - Square/X. ...
  • 4 Boost - Right Bumper. ...
  • 5 Air Roll Left - Left Bumper & Air Roll Right - Right Bumper. ...
  • 6 Jump - Right Bumper. ...
  • 7 Ball Cam - Square/X.
May 7, 2024

What are Zens camera settings? ›

Zen Camera Settings: Mastering the Perfect View
  • Camera Shake: Disabled.
  • Field of View (FOV): 110.
  • Camera Height: 100.
  • Camera Angle: -3.0.
  • Camera Distance: 270.
  • Camera Stiffness: 0.35.
  • Swivel Speed: 4.00.
  • Transition Speed: 1.00.
Oct 5, 2023

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