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Medical Equipment Management & Logistics

Why Pay for More Equipment When the Same Devices Sit Idle?

Hospitals waste millions of dollars every year buying and renting duplicate equipment. Broken or disconnected logistics processes result in underutilized equipment and strained budgets. They’re also a drain on both patient and clinician satisfaction. Multiplied across an IDN, excess equipment costs quickly erode margins and add to already fierce economic headwinds. Yet, building the infrastructure required for responsive device lifecycle management across multiple locations – including storage, logistics, reprocessing and maintenance – can be cost-prohibitive for IDNs to build in-house. Add a lack of visibility to current equipment inventory and utilization levels, and many health systems are faced with a significant challenge in how to manage their equipment assets moving forward.

Challenges with IDN EquipmentManagement and Logistics

A Disconnected System

Healthcare providers waste millions annually due to breakdowns in critical equipment workflows. These gaps drive up total cost of ownership and limit ability to meet patient demand.

  • Lack of visibility to equipment location and utilization levels
  • Unbalanced costs from misalignment of equipment expenses and demand
  • Lack of infrastructure to optimize deployment of owned equipment
  • Capital shortage requiring greater need to maximize equipment use life
  • Facility ownership model prohibits standardization, sharing and economies of scale across a system

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Fast Access to Patient-Ready Equipment Across Your Entire System

Agiliti can help IDNs reclaim millions in waste by optimizing equipment inventories system-wide. We gain full visibility of equipment spread across your facilities to create highly efficient equipment inventories for your health system. We maintain, reprocess and repair medical equipment — and deliver it precisely where and when it’s needed with our responsive local logistics infrastructure. This empowers your clinicians, elevates the quality of care and saves you millions of dollars in wasted equipment spending. And those initial savings are just the beginning.

Value at Facility Level

Removing cost and complexity from equipment management processes. Better clinical outcomes, higher margins.

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Value Across Your Entire System

Individual Hospitals

Ensure availability of patient-ready equipment

Increase clinician satisfaction and productivity

Analytics to drive savings — recover millions in wasted equipment spend

Risk Management

Effective equipment reprocessing – process, tracking, chemistry

Compliance with infection prevention guidelines

Safeguard patients and staff while shortening time-to-therapy

Individual Hospitals

Ensure availability of patient-ready equipment

Increase clinician satisfaction and productivity

Analytics to drive savings — recover millions in wasted equipment spend

Driving Growth Through Scalable Solutions

This is where the savings start. Clinicians get faster access to patient-ready equipment. You know exactly how much equipment you have in inventory across your system, so you buy and rent less equipment. You also have the equipment you need in peak periods, such as natural disasters or pandemics. Then, you can quickly scale down inventories and costs in normal operating conditions. Plus, you get all of this equipment agility while lowering your overall maintenance costs. Every engagement is configured to align with your workflows and your operational structures.

Elements of Agile Inventory Management Include:

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Equipment Reserve Program

Light-touch management of excess equipment reserves available for rapid, emergent deployment during a pandemic or other disaster. The program includes:

  • Inventory management, storage, maintenance and OEM-approved parts as well as the options of acquiring de-featured or low-cost equipment models
  • Deployment processes include preventive maintenance, management of OEM, upgrades or recalls, functional checks, cleaning, transportation prep and onsite set-up
  • Ongoing services include device tracking, device recovery and restoration to deployment-ready condition

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Multi-Site Flex Pool

Centralized management of patient-ready equipment to meet seasonal demand, improve asset utilization, ensure fast access to patient-ready equipment and conserve capital. The program includes:

  • Delivery and tracking of equipment across sites
  • Utilization analytics and capital planning support
  • Equipment testing, cleaning and reprocessing between uses
  • Equipment maintenance and repair services

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Onsite Managed Programs

A dedicated onsite team of equipment experts responsible for end-to-end equipment management. The program includes:

  • Delivery, tracking, pickup, reprocessing/cleaning, maintenance, recall management and capital planning
  • A single point of contact for all equipment-related processes
  • Facility-level data and practices to maximize equipment utilization
  • Essential insights to equipment status – in-use, patient-ready, in processing or in repair
  • Infection control support: documented cleaning and reprocessing between each patient use

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Our Infrastructure Deployedto Your Benefit

An efficient shared infrastructure. Over the past 80+ years, Agiliti has built a highly responsive network of equipment specialists, service technicians, specialized vehicles and inventory facilities that can serve the needs of any IDN or hospital. We even connect our customers with equipment reserves that can be accessed during pandemics or other emergencies through the use of our nationwide infrastructure.

150+ National Service Centers

275+ Mobile Service Labs

1,700+ Specialized Vehicles

800+ Biomedical Repair Technicians

2,200+ Field Service Technicians

How Will This Impact Care & Costs In My Health System

Ready to talk with an Agiliti inventory management expert? Every system faces unique challenges. The locations of your facilities, the populations you serve, your mix of critical care and surgical offerings, your workflows, and the composition of your clinical and operational teams all factor into the design of the right equipment management solution. Agiliti experts can draw on our experience from more than 10,000+ healthcare facilities and health systems across the country to show you precisely how our inventory management solutions can impact your clinical and economic outcomes.

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Agile Inventory Management | Medical Equipment Management - Agiliti (2024)
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